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Boxes are usually made with dovetail joints to add detail.

This is a stationery box made from Yew with the hinges made from Mahogany to add contrast.

stationery box

open box

The one below is used for storing remote controls!

It is made from Elm and Burr Elm.

remotes box remotes

Memory boxes are used to store small items

They can be made from any wood or combination of woods using either through or stopped dovetail joints with either square or rounded corners.

This one is made from Ash and Walnut with rounded dovetail corners.

memory box memory detail

The hinges and screw catches are hand made.

hinge catch

These boxes are made from a variety of woods with square dovetail corners.

memory box



The following box was made as a jewellery box using American white ash combined with Walnut to provide a contrast.

The insert was made from Walnut.

jewellery box

jewellery box2

I was asked to make the following box for a game called "Shut the Box". I understand it is a popular pub game in some areas but could also be used as an enjoyable way for young children to do arithmetic.

It is made from a mixture of Walnut, Elm and Mahogany.

shut box

shut box closed

Box prices start at 150 GBP.