Versatile pieces of furniture

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Crackets are small stools with a whole range of uses.

Originally they were used by miners either to rest on whilst they lay on their sides hacking into the coal face or to sit on whilst they had their "bait" or snack.

This one is made from American Elm


But they can be made using any wood!


This one is made from spalted beech giving it a unique and unusual appearance

sp beech

The hole in the top is usually circular but it can be a slot to take coins (a box is formed underneath to collect the coins) or in the following example a heart shape


Cracket prices start at 70 GBP. Personalisation costs 1.50 GBP extra per letter/number.

The tops are usually 16" x 9" [41cm x 22cm].

They are about 11" to 12" [27 to 30cm] high although they can be made to any size.

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