Tables and Chairs

In a variety of shapes and sizes

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I make different sized tables and chairs.

The one below is a coffee table made from Spalted Beech

coffee table

The one below, a small side table, is made from from European Oak with inlaid Mahogany discs.

side table

A neighbour requested a spinning stool to match their spinning wheel.

This one is made from European Oak.

spinning stool

I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew when I agreed to make this small chair.

There were none of the usual 90 or 45 degree angles but it turned out OK.

It is made from European Oak


Below is a nest of tables made from European Oak. They were designed with the dovetail joint to fit in with other furniture.

Below is a very long, low table/bench made from European Oak. It was made for my two small grandsons to draw at or make Lego models on.

Here is a drop-leaf table made from American White Ash. Each flap is supported by wooden rods that slide out from underneath the table top.

Here is a computer table made with a painted pine frame and legs and a solid European Oak top .

This three-legged lamp table is made from Walnut .

This console table is made from Maple. The picture frame above it is made from Ash

Prices depend on the size and type of wood used but a typical coffee table made from solid oak and measuring about 1 metre by 50cm would be about 200 GBP.